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Nutrition for Teens (13-19yrs): Talk and demo

Saturday 17th February 2018


Would you like to

  • Take the fear out of food choices and meal preparation?
  • have more energy?
  • Feel stronger?
  • Have healthier skin, hair and nails?
  • Be able to prepare quick healthy snacks and meals?

Is there a special formula for that? The honest answer is no but, eating a mix of healthy foods comes pretty close!

Healthy eating and lifestyle habits help you feel good, look well and provide energy. Creating healthy eating habits now, sets you up for life and ensures you avoid the hassle of weight issues and/or illness later. Eating the right foods can help you live a long happy healthy life. Just a few small changes can make all the difference.

Eating well is easier than you think! My information afternoon will give you simple tips  and guidelines on how you can eat healthy food that tastes yummy and doesn’t cost a fortune.


*Limited spaces available so signing up early is recommended. 

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